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Dale Bruder is a freelance writer interested in creative people, social and cultural movements and applications of ancient esoteric knowledge

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Art in the Air

Four Tucson artist's plein air - painted outdoors - paintings were selected by Mayor Jonathan Rothschild to display in the Mayors Gallery, on the tenth floor of City Hall, for the current Tucson Pima Arts Council (TPAC) exhibit. Now in its sixth year, the Mayor's Gallery spotlights established and new artists. Artists Jean Beck, Eric Jabloner, Janice MacKenzie and Lowell Richardson each have (more)



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Kati Astaeir

Gabriel Ayala

Penny Batelli

Barbara Brandel

Steven Bye

Neda Contreras

Tryshe Dhevney

Kimi Eisele

Steven Eye

Jean Fellow

Caroline King

Rebecca Kouchit

Flora Layla

Lynn Rae Lowe

Greg McCown

Victor Navarro

Moises Orozco

Plein Air Artists Mayor's Gallery

Caroline Pyevich

Chandika Tazouz



Five Directions

Steeped in the Fires of Natural Wonder

Designs of spiral, ribbon and wave shapes in natural and intentional materials have contemplative, restorative qualities. Rhythms appear in shape, texture and placement, gining weight to resonance. Form and function meld to provoke or elicit. Each of these elements play in Penny Batelli's landscape (more)

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In 2012 I returned to magazine writing. This phase begins with Tucson Natural Awakening Magazine. My byline is on thirty two articles and I authored five newsbriefs.

These days I have realized a friendlier voice in my writing. My writing is informative, insightful and entertaining. I want my readers to know and understand what is available, how is it possible and where they can experience it.

I've written articles and opinions for City Magazine (Edited & Published by Chuck Bowden and Dick Vonier) in the '80", for Inside Tucson Business when Sheila Storm served as editor in the mid 1990's. When first finding my Tucson footing in the very early 80's I wrote for a pre-Tucson Weekly publication Tucson Examiner. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin I published regularly in CitySide between 1977 and 1980. My journalism in those days ranged from feature articles on artists, editorials, regional informative to investigative/researched cover stories. I first dipped into magazine writing in the early 70's when I found a friendly editor in a weekly small town newspaper The Oceana County News in Whitehall, Michigan.

I have two wordpress blogs, Coach Bruder and Tao Time as well as publish two newsletters periodically on both topics. See Newsletter Archives for a collection. Subscriptions are available at no cost at my website dalebruder.com.

Enjoy the Artist Spotlights.

Go here for the Holostic Health and Medicine Series

Vibration at the Heart of Sound Shifting

Listening to a babbling brook or a favorite piece of music can change our moods, but the sound of our voice can provide an even more penetrating and prolonged shift in the internal vibrations of the body, mind and spirit. Tryshe Dhevney knows sound as a healing modality from personal experience.(more)

Crystal Sound Healing

How do we explain the haunting, penetrating tones of crystal singing bowls? With their pure tone frequencies and the innate transformative properties of crystal itself, it is no wonder we lack the words to describe the experience. The droning tones seem to awaken a deep remembering, touching the very essence of our higher and lighter nature. (more)

An Artist’s Intuitive Way

Artist Jeanne Fellow says, “I work in an intuitive way now, even though I have an art education,” while sitting amid walls filled with lighted sconces. “I started out doing a lot of technical pen and ink illustrations and could copy things very well, leading me to think I didn’t have any real art inside.” Then something happened. “Colors began to speak to me” (more)

A Music Man for All Seasons

Arizona Native American Gabriel Ayala has played his guitar for the president and the pope. He has performed with many of today’s leading musicians around the world and is perpetually on tour throughout the United States, Canada and other countries. He is about to release his 11th music CD and is codifying his experiential knowledge of the creative and business aspects of a music career into roles as a producer and consultant.

Originally known for his classical music performances, Ayala has (more)

Inspiring the Heart with the Hand

A lifelong student, artist and teacher, she engages the world as a canvas. “Visual art is an expression of the human spirit,” she says in her art classes. Her approach is a holistic one: she aims guidance towards the body (use of materials), mind (ideas) and spirit (feelings) as she instructs (more)

Recipe for Artistic Growth

An Artist goes through phases. They change mediums, master techniques, discover new uses for old materials and explore styles, ever pursuing the muse. "each phase informs the work that is yet to come. notes artist Barbara Brandel. An (more)

Le Artiste: Victor Navarro

Victor Navarro is a Tucson-based contemporary latin American artist with prominent ties to the international art community. A a young age, Victor earned numerous art awards including a Silver medal from Paris (more)

Celebrating the Creative Life

The force that propels the human spirit on the clear way forward is the abstract spirit," said the artist and philosopher Wassily Kadinsky. He could easily be describing Lynn Rae Lowe, the artist, businesswoman and celebrant. Her journey and offerings do (more)

An Artistic Point of View

Drawing on his years as an art teacher, Steven Bye embraced the infotainment model of transferring knowledge. twenty-five years ago he advised a student struggling with a creative block to imagine Picasso on a skateboard. "I always faced the challenge of finding ways to inspire my (more)

Whimsical Realism

"Where does your art come from?" is a MacGuffin question at which every artist balks. Neda Contreras is no different. Her still life oils - juxtapositions of skeletons, birds, cats, dogs, old cars, plants, fruits vegetable nd pottery on beaches - are her own making. (more)

Developing the Camera Eye

Greg McCown's passion for photography began on a tourist boat circumnavigating the Hawaiian Islands. "I was awed by the sunset, the sky and the ocean.' says the photographer. "Never gave camera's much thought, but something had me pick up my wife's camera, frame an image in the viewfinder and start taking pictures." This moment starter McCown on a (more)

Quest to Come Home

In the mystical forest of the mind, a child opens her eyes to see inner beauty in expression and stance, surrendering to the light that comes down through her to canvas, paper and stone. Several life phases later, Chandika Tazouz is showing her portraiture of humanity's original face in an art exhibit, and is on the brink of embracing a new artistic phase. (more)

A Robinesque Athena

Moises Orozco's statue of Athena, golden scissors and sewing needle in hand, stands seven feet tall in the courtyard of Athena's Castle. This midtown Tucson property is art studio, garden, home and hearth for robin "Athena" Hall, renaissance woman extraodinaire.

Vibrantly vital, she is entering her crone years with an electrifying verve of a woman half her (more)

A Path of Pure Inspiration

The life of a working artist takes many side roads. Some are distraactions, others, new pathways through creations' terrain. Flora Layla's roads taken moved through building recording studios with Richard Alderson and Jose Feliciano to raising orchids and chrysanthemums in (more)

An Inner Journey to Outward Mastery

A unique artistic vision, formed in the primordial forests of Old Europe, has settled in the Sonoran desert. "Nature, inner self, art and music are my medicines." Kati Astaeir says while sitting in the cool shadows that drape the air in the Galactic center. "Art is a reflection of my spiritual journey." (more)

Collaboration Magnifies Creative Expression

Kimi Eisele is like an amazon hunttess, her quiver filled with words, movement, stories and images tracking the beauty and truths of planetary awareness. She delves deeply into the wilderness of rhetoric and penetrates the mask that clouds our vision of Gaia. (more)

Heartfelt Expressions

Caroline Pyevich paints from vision-created images that reflect the inner workings of her consciousness and the space where where dreaming and visio occur. they are abridge between the self and the divine. "the vision is spontaneous and unplanned," she explains. "The paintings develop through the process of discovery and (more)

Eco-Art Re-imagined From What is Tossed Away

Ecological art, or "eco-art", is a contemporary form of environmental art created by artists who are concerned with local and global environmental situations. with climate change a serious concern, the field is growing rapidly with hundreds of artists working around the world, and many femail artists, in particular, participating in (more)

Eye of the Storm

A deteriorated downtown, vacated by commerce, abandoned by political will, ripe for artists to take over. Reads like a tag line for an '80's the-kids-are-alright movie. It happened right here in the Old Pueblo in the days when the zeitgeist was devoted to urbanizing the valley from mountain range to mountain range. (more)

Waking the Spirit

Moises Orozco takes his art seriously, body and soul. Having stepped off percipitous heights to be reborn with new insights in life, love and the material world, Orozco continues to create multidimensional images out of steel, aluninum, titanium and recycled fabricated metal.

A self-taught metal fabricator, Orozco cut his teeth on industrial projects at Caid Industries, Sun Mechanical and Desert Precision before settin out (more)