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Asian Institute of Medical Studies

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Gourmet Girls Gluetin Free

Peppermint Jim


Dr. Noah Abrahams

Windows of Greater Tucson

Genisis Natural Medicine

Holistic Medicine in the New Affordable Care Act Era

Exploring the Fascinating World of Sleep

A Natural Mattress for a Green Sleep

Prayer and the New Thought Movement in the 21st Century

Reinvent, Explore and Discover the RED Life in April

Skillful Karmic Awareness

Four Directions


In 2012 I returned to magazine writing. This phase begins with Tucson Natural Awakening Magazine. My byline is on thirty two articles and I authored five newsbriefs.

These days I have realized a friendlier voice in my writing. My writing is informative, insightful and entertaining. I want my readers to know and understand what is available, how is it possible and where they can experience it.

I've written articles and opinions for City Magazine (Edited & Published by Chuck Bowden and Dick Vonier) in the '80", for Inside Tucson Business when Sheila Storm served as editor in the mid 1990's. When first finding my Tucson footing in the very early 80's I wrote for a pre-Tucson Weekly publication Tucson Examiner. In Milwaukee, Wisconsin I published regularly in CitySide between 1977 and 1980. My journalism in those days ranged from feature articles on artists, editorials, regional informative to investigative/researched cover stories. I first dipped into magazine writing in the early 70's when I found a friendly editor in a weekly small town newspaper The Oceana County News in Whitehall, Michigan.

I have two wordpress blogs, Coach Bruder and Tao Time as well as publish two newsletters periodically on both topics. See Newsletter Archives for a collection. Subscriptions are available at no cost at my website dalebruder.com.

Enjoy the these Holistic Health and Sustainable Life Articles

Bio-Touch, The Healing Touch

A healing touch therapy that anyone can learn has been quietly expanding globally. Formulated seven millennia ago in ancient Egypt, a healing touch utilizing the first two fingers of each hand on specific points of the body continues today. Experience and research have concluded that, over time, the combination of correct points and light touch enhances the body’s natural healing ability. (more)

A Place Where Everything is Gluten-Free

November 2013 marked the first year anniversary of the Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery/ Bistro, in Tucson. It all began with a serendipitous meeting between foodie Susan Fulton and professional baker Mary Gibson at a business event, Fulton recalls, “I liked what Mary was doing with her catering business and started helping out. Things just snowballed after that.” (more)

Peppermint; The Medicinal, Culinary and Aromatic Herb

A few years ago, a Michigan mint farmer came to southern Arizona on a whim and stayed to plant roots here—mint roots, that is. Jim Crosby, aka “Peppermint Jim,” a fourth-generation mint farmer, found a receptive climate; both for growing mint and marketing the essential oil he distills from the leaves. (more)

May I Have the Envelope, Please

Pat Doherty’s Windows of Greater Tucson supplies builders, remodelers and rehabbers with windows and doors that protect the environment and lower utility costs. “A typical house with insulated windows can save 40 percent in energy costs and reduce your home’s carbon footprint.” Doherty says. (more)

Holistic Medicine in the New Affordable Care Act Era

The Affordable Care Act offers the opportunity to shift American health care from disease treatment to prevention. Practitioners of complementary, alternative and integrative medicine (CAM) see new entry points for bringing their healing practices to the public. Hospitals are waiting for the insurance companies to approve CAM providers. (more)

Exploring the Fascinating World of Sleep

Dr. Rubin Naiman has a spiritually oriented view of sleep. He views preparation for bed as personal ritual, morning grogginess as a rich experience and sleep itself as a sacred state of consciousness. “Sleep is not simply a servant of waking life. It does provide exquisite support for our health, memory, mood and more,” says Naiman. “But sleep is also a sacred state of consciousness—a gracious gift serenity offered us at the end of each day.” (more)

Holistic Health and Medicine Series

Balancing Prevention and Rehabilitation

Dr. Noah Abrahams, PT, DPT, is building his physical therapy practice using a two-pronged unique value proposition business model. His activity on the front lines of acute and chronic pain—emergency rooms—provides plenty of opportunity to demonstrate the value (more)

Genesis Natural Medicine Center

Genesis Natural Medicine Center celebrated its first anniversary in early 2014. Co-founders Dr. Michael Uzick and Pam Stewart have successfully created a unique center for health and healing. Uzick is the only naturopathic medical doctor board certified in naturopathic oncology (FABNO) in the Tucson area. He has seen (more)


A Natural Mattress for a Green Sleep

Bedrooms are transforming into sacred spaces. Where the all-in-one entertainment center once ruled, televisions are disappearing and reading lights are being unplugged toward realizing (more)

Prayer and the New Thought Movement in the 21st Century

A prevailing notion of human life as a tumult of chaos, suffering and absurdity confounds people seeking a spiritual way. Being cloistered in a monastery is not an option and attempts to live a balanced daily (more)

Skillful Karmic Awareness

According to Dr. Mark Pirtle, developer of the Skillfully Aware program for stress relief, "Karma is every action that makes us who we are. All the actions flowing through the world, body and mind create experiences that we judge to be (more)

Reinvent, Explore and Discover the RED Life in April

Sharon stills,NMD, is expanding her naturopathic practice to include women's retreats, and her first event, An Affair with Yourself, will take place (more)