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What School is Zen Shiatsu Based On?

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The Importance of Zen Being

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Unit 1: Introduction to Zen Shiatsu

Lesson 4: The Importance of Zen Being

The Zen way of being most suited for Zen Shiatsu practioners is the diajo path. It's central purpose is seeing into one's own essential nature and realizing the Way in daily life.

This path develops power of concentration, self awareness and actualization.

Each Zen Shiatsu practioneer establishes an inner practice. The thinking mind is placed in a state of relaxation and awareness empty of motivation, allowing the trained practioneers' body to act.

Being in a diajo discipline the Zen Shiatsu practioneer's occuring world is quiet while the recipient receives a beneficial experience.

Patrick Heacock Zen Shiatsu practioneer