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Introduction to Lessons

Zen Shiatsu is a form of Japanese bodywork that balances an individuals's qi, aiding in strengthening a client's vital healing force. Treatments are performed on a futon with a client fully clothed and can be relaxing or invigorating depending on the needs of the client.

Asian Institute of Medical Studies is offering a Six Level program that prepares students to practice the form of Zen Shiatsu, a blend of dynamic, fluid evolutions that is deeply informed by the Five Element Theory and is based on a shift of the student's world view toward a holistic, conceptualized Eastern perspective.

This Introduction to Zen Shiatsu is a tutorial designed to provide an overview of the discipline.


The tutorial is divided into five sections of four parts each;

  1. The basic information on the topic.
  2. A checklist of what was presented
  3. An exercise relating to the information
  4. The correct answers to the exercise

A link at the end of the correct answers page goes to the next lesson on through to a link directly the the Asian Institute's web site page giving a full explanation of the Zen Shiatsu training offered.

The Presenters

At every page of the tutorial is an opportunity to ask questions, make comments and inquiries to Alex Holland, President and Founder of Asian Institute of Medical Studies and both Kris Schaefer and Patrick Heacock, Zen Shiatsu practioneers who will be leading the Zen Shiatsu training program.

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Alex Holland President and Founder, Asian Institute of Medical Studies
Kris Schaefer Zen Shiatsu practioneer
Patrick Heacock Zen Shiatsu practioneer