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Dale Bruder's Strategic Planning SWOT Exercise - Identify your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

SWOT Exercise

Use the lists adjacent to each quadrant and layout your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Bring the SWOT exercise to Dale Bruder of www.dalebruder.com to take your idea, plan or enterprise through to the next levels.

A Distinctive Competence Adequate Financial Resources Good Competitive Skill Access to Economies of Scale Well Thought of by Buyers Proprietary Technology Product Innovation Skills Better Advertising Campaigns Proven Management Skills Superior Technological Skills

Better Manufacturing Capability Ahead of the Experience Curve

Entry of Lower-cost Foreign Competitors Rising Sales of Substitute Products Adverse Shift in Foreign Trade Issues Costly Regulatory Requirements Bargaining Power of Customer/Suppliers Changing Buyer Needs and Tastes Slower Market Growth

Serve Additional Customer Groups Enter New Markets or Segments Diversify into Related Products Complacency Among Rival Firms Vertical Integration

Insulated from Strong Competitive Pressures

No Clear Strategic Direction Obsolete Facilities

Sub-par Profitability
because....... Lack of Managerial Depth and Talent Falling Behind in R & D
Poor Track Record in Implementing Strategy Plagued with Internal Operating Problems Unable to Finance Needed Strategy Changes Higher Overall Unit Costs than Competitors Too Narrow a Product Line
Below Average Marketing Skills Weak Distribution Network Weak Market Image
Expand Product Line to Meet More Customer Needs Falling Trade Barriers in Attractive Foreign Markets
Vunerability to Recession & Business Cycle Faster Market Growth
Potential Internal Weaknesses
Potential Internal Strengths
Potential Internal Opportunities
Potential External Threats