Dale Bruder's Strategic Plan Series -Strategic Planning and Implementation

The final word on business planning, strategic planning and implementation is Do It. This is a no-brainer yet a myriad of quasi government agencies from MicroBusinessAdvancementCenter to Small Business Development Center have resources focused on providing 'help' in preparing plans and little guidance in implementing them.

You are always planning, plotting and strategizing but don't realize it. It's human nature. Developing a habit of capturing your thoughts and analyzing their implications before taking action is the next natural step. Once you have this habit the analysis tools of number crunching, mind mapping and scenario plotting become easy to.

The first step is completing this outline and the attendant worksheets; available on our free worksheets page. Then you need coach Dale Bruder to accelerate the strategizing and implementation. I use an are exclusive proprieters of a tool that super powers your plan.

I. Define the Situation

A. Profile yourself and the business idea

B. Write a resume like history of yourself and the idea

C. What is the purpose of the enterprise (it is not to make money - that's a result, not a purpose - it's to fill a product or market gap, provide a service or attack a market segment; either quality or functionality based.)

D. Study the competition. Use

II. Analyze the situation

A. Internal factors

1. Financial

2. Human resources

3. Traditions and beliefs

B. External factors

1. Competition

2. Effects of government

3. Outside influences

4. Internal influences

a. Leadership

b. Staff

c. Expectations

5. Critical exposures

C. Perform a SWOT exercise

1. Strengths

2. Weaknesses

3. Opportunities

4. Threats/Barriers

5. Solutions

D. Assumptions

E. Potentials (variables)

F. Scenarios

III. Develop alternatives and decide

A. Mission statement

B. Key result areas

C. Set measurable objectives

D. Formulate strategies

E. Alternatives

IV. Implement an action plan

A. Monitoring

B. Accountability

V. Evaluate

A. PIE Chart

1. Preserve

2. Improve

3. Evaluation

B. Deviations

C. Celebrate successes

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