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Tao Time

Published by                                                The Power of the I Ching                                                   

The Second Moon February 21 - March 21

Seasonal Command: Hexagram 51, The Arousing represents the time when strong bodied, volatile and fertile things in development tend to give expressive signs of their inner potential. Creative ideas, good intentions, productive techniques and new concepts of social, cultural and enterprise relationships should be announced, advertised, revealed and set in motion now. The present time is conducive for the introduction of modern forms, brand new modalities and a redefining of values. The initial impact of important events now happening will excite, quicken and terrify at the same instant. The intellectual, physical, emotional and spiritual tenor of the time is a precursor to fresh shythyms and virgin opportunities.

Sequence: As one awakens to the purpose of fear and trembling, one can make use of them as a safeguard against all outside terrors. When we learn that error originates within, we may then be able to maintain a calm composure and exercise a reverent regard for all the various rights of living.

First through sixth days of the Second Moon

Hexagram 34, The Power of the Great begins the Second Moon.

Wisdom of the Time Period: We pass through infancy, toddlerhood, childhood, adolescence and youth then become adults. As our nature develops great forces of power accrue within us. To act solely from the strength of power does not develop ability. Hold in check the impatience of over condidence that disregards what is right. Power should be used creativaly and not exercised in self-abusive fantasy. Greatness, wisdom and justice are the indivisible triumvirate of all that happens in heaven and earth.

Sequence: The Power of the Great is asserted after a time of Retreat. The sprinter who holds a firm check at the starting block succeeds in attaining the greatest forward lunge with the starting moment. The power of the Great can be better revealed when one first knows how to pause.

Your Mind is Alive,

Engage it By Design

   When enlightened people are awaiting the right time to act, they are calm and controlled. Even if they have ambitions, they are easygoing, as if they were going to spend the rest of their lives in their present state. Thus they can be consistent. Those who are ambitious even though they do not advance cannot remain normal.

Ideal people live plainly, happily when at home, active in society. Therefore, when they get ahead, they accomplish good works. If desire for status and the wish to carry out the Tao are battling within you, how can you live plainly?

When people have talent and intelligence but are not given an opportunity to use them, they are frustrated. This happens when they are imbalanced and therefore intent on doing something. this is different from the case of people who work when there is an opportunity and retire when there is none.


    If people have such will that they feel, as the classic says, that "if one hears the Way in the morning, one may well die that night." then they will not be willing to live even a single day in a way that they should not...If people cannot be like this, it is just because they have not seen the truth. Truth means truly seeing what is so and what is not so. When you find truth in your heart, it is distinct of itself. If you just hear about it and talk about it, you do not see it in your heart. If you see truth, you will never agree to live in a way you should not.

Riding the Dragon's Tail

Transformative Tao Seminar begins with March 19th Workshop

March 22 - June 4, 2012

   Begin a 72 day transformative sojourn on the third moon of the Chinese lunar calendar. Over the next two and a half moon cycles  experience a deepened wisdom of the IChing and realize manifesting of your inquiry of the oracle. This 14 part seminar uses the Twelve Branches process of manifesting a contextual reality, way of being, of acquiring or releasing "among the ten thousand things" through a Zen shojo transformative vehicle. 


   Your life activites, including intentional, habitual and happenstance, are the means and matters. By faithfully and diligently sojourning through the order of the IChing images during the upcoming lunar cycles you'll realize your request in it's most appropriate form. Be like water.


   The 12 Branch structure of the IChing is both the vehicle and a map of a transformative sojourn. During the 72 days of the Transformative Tao process your daily personal life and activity is your landscape.


   Everything is material, those you encounter deliver messages, things are given and taken away, stuff happens. The approach is experiential. One acts from instinct and intuition independent of judgement. Results are measured in matters and means.


Being in the Way of the Transformative Tao cultivates seeing what is coming, hearing what is about to be said and knowing what is ready to happen for you. This way is auspicious in providing openings for spiritual alchemy.


Seminar Structure

Monday, March 19, 2012

6:00 -7:30pm Introduction to the I Ching process


Thursday, March 22, 2012

6:30pm - 8pm  On the New Moon Casting your inquiry of the oracle and beginning your 72 day sojourn.  


Monday's, March 26th - June 4

Oracle Touchstone at Tao Time meet-up. Bring your Zen shojo in for maintenance. Stay for the Tao Time session. Attend the lectures you want. Online guidance and instruction at every branch.


Friday, April 6th and Saturday, April 21st and May 5th, Sunday, May 20th Dates to pay attention to.


     Workshop and Seminar Materials


1. Participants receive a customized Twelve Branches workbook of the oracles' response nuclear hexagram. A sample mandala of a twelve branches and a sample branch is presented here.

2. Seminar materials in your email box every six days at each branch. Daily Tao lunar hexagram messages on Tao Time facebook page.

NOTE: Participants provide the I Ching text of their choice for reference. Recommendations at TaoTime 








Seminar $90

Make your registration.and enter your before beginning time.  Register now to assure your place in this Transformative Tao I Ching Seminar.                                         

  The 12 Branches of the Transformative Tao is a map of an assured path to follow for reaching a goal in it's most usable form. The IChing's capability to both predicate and guide makes this venerable source of wisdom a wise choice of action in our time.


  Methodically stay with it and you will reach the appropriate manifestation of your original inquiry.


Tao Time Meet-up Every Monday & Wednesday

6:00pm - Introduction to Transformative Tao - Free

6:30-8pm TaoTime Meet-ups $5

'Riding the Dragon's Tail'  


  In the Tao Time I Ching meet-up group  the IChing is explored as an adventure in navigating fate and destiny. The inquiry to the oracle 'What time is it for me?' identifies the vehicle.


  According to the IChing at Hexagram 63:2 'Do not chase - you will gain in seven days.


   To "chase" means to follow things. If you follow things, you lose your basic control, so the text warns not to chase. Control yourself without slipping, and in seven days you will gain.


   A hexagram has six lines; the number "seven" therefore means change. To "gain in seven days" means to engage a hexagram as time changes.


   To gain, cast and follow a hexagam, a line a day, for six days. Enter a self- development vehicle; a Zen shojo, of experiencing the hexagram.


   Being in a line a day of a hexagram - rising up from line one to line six.


  Changes occur in perception and circumstance of means and matters.


  You act discerning the nature of changes and navigate the vehicle.


  In the Tao Time IChing meet-up group  the IChing is explored as an adventure in navigating fate and destiny. The inquiry we make to the oracle 'What time is it for me?' is the entrance.


   Entering Tao Time through the first four sessions. Enter anytime. Everyone follows this path; familiarity with each way is followed by choosing a path at the time of casting.


1. Follow the lines day by day and experience the cast wisdom of the oracle.


2. Follow the hexagram that occured through changing lines.


3. Weave the cast hexagram and the changed line hexagram focusing on the lines that make the two distinct.


4. Pursue a transformational experience through the nuclear hexagram of the casting.


  Bring the I Ching hexagram into your life's means and matters; experience being in Tao consciousness.



  3 Currents

 12 Branches


Seminars & Workbooks

Tao Time Book of Days Through February 9, 2013. is a daily process of engaging the I Ching. Both a transformative journal and planner, the book and personal guidance spans from now to the next Chinese lunar year. $400.00 Start anytime. Contact to begin this transformative process.


Transformative Tao 12 Branches IChing Seminar begins every Full Moon Next beginning is March 19th Tao Time, casting on March 22nd Full Moon. $90.00 Returning sojourners $60.00


Tao Time Meet-up $5.00/session 


Book of Tao Time Hexagrams Consult and follow the hexagrams any time. Reproducable pages $20


Contact to place your order.


Everyday a Daily Tao line based on the Lunar order of the hexagrams on Facebook at Tao time and Dale Bruder.

 Seminar & Meet-Up Location

 5634 E Pima St. Tucson, AZ

contact: 520-331-1956 or

Tao Time Meet-up Group Monday & Wednesday, 6:30-8:00 pm

$5 per person


Transformative Tao

March 22 - June 4, 2012

The Tao Time Master

The one called Dale Bruder is among the cultural innovators who have devised implements and techniques to use the I Ching in describing and predicating elements, processes and experiences in practices involving special uses of the body and mind.

Dale Bruder • PO Box 31897 • Tucson, AZ 85751
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