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 Ninth Moon Tao Time
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Ninth Moon, First Hexagram
 Seasonal Command:
The Gentle (57) 
   The Gentle means crouching. Crouching is a posture of submission, humbleness, restraint and non-assertiveness. It is a posture one assumes to go down into or beneath, in order to examine, to repair, to learn, to re-energize. Crouching may be antecedent to springing out, jumping upon, or leaping ahead.
   The autumn arc of any cycle should be used for quiet observation. Reflect evenly on the past, review the actions taken, examine the results, and contemplate your goals. When you have penetrated more fully into Now, make plans that will harmonize with the forces that generate what is becoming.
Sequence: What one experiences in life is a response of universal energy and intelligence to one's commands. To have desirable experiences, refraim from  negativity. Through gentleness realize penetration. Penetrate a situation more fully. Fuller understanding is the clarity represented in opposition. Clarity leads to joy.
Lunar Counsel:
Splitting Apart (23) 1-6 Days
When the harvest is gathered, unless the trees are properly protected and the ground properly cared for, next year's growth will be impaired and endangered. When the traditions of society seem to have been stripped away, the ideal person will continue generous and benevolent while remaining quiet. The action of no-action is not cowardly, it is wise. When deteriorating forces dominate the moment, the ideal person gives expression to silence, behaves with docility and remains devoted to high motivations.
Sequence: Nature, cultures, societies and humankind all in time exhaust themselves. There is a time for becoming, for being and for decorating with adornments. Be aware that when one goes too far with adornments, decadence sets in and creates the conditions for Splitting Apart.
Sources of Good Fortune and Misfortune You need more up-to-date conceptual tools. You need to refine your terms of reference.
Instructions: Enter the Ninth Moon prepared to balance the push/pull forces. Know your appetities.
Receive the Daily Lines of the Lunar order of the IChing on facebook at Tao Time.
Paths to Access the Oracle
Effective ways to experience the wisdom of IChing
   IChing is a comprehensive compandium of human characteristictics both individual and group. The book is a philosophical text of 64 chapters codified in hexagrams that can be accessed using a divinatory method or by constructing an image by combining two trigrams into a hexagram. As a sacred text the IChing is a channel to communicate with the great mystery.
   Transformative Tao accesses the Oracle through four paths: What time is it for me?, Three Currents, Twelve Branches and the IChing Lunar Journal.
   What time is it for me? In Hexagram 63 Line 2 the wisdom 'Do not pursue: you will get it in seven days. A hexagram spans six days. By following the path, experiencing your life and contempating the question a realization or manifestation will come to you. The reading is 90 minutes and costs $25. Schedule a What time is it for me?
  Three Currents In Hexagram 23 the wisdom is the flow of three currents in the triad beget, become, begone also in be, do, have and idea, design, product. The form of the inquiry is What time is it for me? how do I think and act in this time? What do I prepare for? The Three Currents conversation takes about three hours, plays out over eighteen days and costs $45.. Schedule a Three Currents,
  Twelve Branches is a 72 day, 2 1/2 lunar cycles spiritual journey that encompasses your life and times. Twelve Branches carries on the mandala diagrams and arcana attributed to Taoist fangshi of the Han Dynasty (206BC - 219CE) that became public during the Song Dynasty (960-1278CE). The seminar includes 14 lessons and costs $90. Schedule preparing for your Twelve Branches two weeks before.
  IChing Lunar Journal is a year long diary beginning on the Chinese New Year, this time falling on February 19th, 2015, The Year of the Goat. The lunar journal carries you through a naturalistic time and serves as a repository of your insights and transformational development. The book is $45, a year long seminar is $300.. IChing Lunar Journal is available in January.
  Your life activities, including intentional, habitual and happenstance, are the means and matters of the pathways. By faithfully and diligently sojourning through the IChing you'll realize your request in it's most appropriate form. Be like water.
   The IChing is both the vehicle and a map of a transformative shojourn. During the days of your journey your daily personal life and activity is your landscape. Everything is material, those you encounter deliver messages, things are given and taken away, stuff happens. The approach is experiential. One acts from instinct and intuition independent of judgement. Results are measured in matters and means.
Being in the Way of the Transformative Tao cultivates seeing what is coming, hearing what is about to be said and knowing what is ready to happen for you. This way is auspicious in providing openings for spiritual alchemy.
NOTE: Participants provide the IChing text of their choice for reference. Recommendations at TaoTime 

Methodically stay with it and you will reach the appropriate manifestation of your original inquiry.
IChing Mandalas of Transformative Tao
    The 16 mandalas of the Transformative Tao are sourced in the nuclear hexagrams which represent all 64 IChing hexagrams.
   Each Mandala contains 12 hexagrams evolving from and to the synchronised response of the Oracles' response to your inquiry.
   An IChing Mandala is identified by a phrased inquiry of the I Ching Oracle. The response is a path over 72 days synchronized with the 6 lines of the 12 hexagrams.
  The path is navigated in a Zen shojo, a personal vehicle that enlivens the I Ching through living the text. The means and matters of your life are transformed into material that fuels a realization and manifestation of your inquiry.
   In essence, this is spiritual alchemy; the philosopher's stone of transmuting lead into gold.
  Each of the 16 pathways brings the most appropriate manifestation of your inquiry into reality. The qualities and values of your manifestation arises from your disciplined practice.
   Through intentionally constructing a declarative request then asking the Oracle, a response appears that leads to one of...     
 The 16 Pathways 
Originating: How can I liberate creative energy? What wants to be created? 
Receptive: How am I being guided? How can I lend my strength? 
Separation: What has worn out? Is there a les painful way to let this go? What is underneath the surface?
Return: What is just beginning to germenate? How can I follow my sense of direction more closely? Where might the path lead now? 
Nourishment: What nourishes me? How is my hunger motivating me? If I accept this as nourishment, who will I become? 
Generating Advantage: What is overloaded? What have I outgrown? What must I do? 
Family: Where ate the boundaries of the 'home' I inhabit? How am I building inner and outer relationships into the home? What kinds of growth does this environment support?
Opposition to Advantage: What if the difference was not a threat? Hoe can this tension be creative? If I can't see eye to eye, what can I see?
Removing Obstruction: Where can I find help? How can I see the obstructions differently? Can I imagine going a differently way? 
Deliverance: If nothing could bind you, where would you go? Do I 'have to'? Who says? Which path leads to where I want to be? 
Break-through: What do I stand for? How do I define myself? What belongs in my realm, and where do I need to make a clean break? 
Coming to Meet: What would be an adequate response to this new energy? How far could this change go? How far will I let it go? 
Development: What is evolving here? How can I be more patient? 
Marrying Maiden: How can I grow into this situation? What does it mean to me to come in second? How sustainable is this? 
After Completion: What is decided? What now? 
Before Completion: How to prepare for the crossing? How will I know when it's time?
The Tao Time Master
The one called Dale Bruder is among the cultural creatives of our age. He has developed implements and techniques to use the IChing in the times we are in. The methods describe and predicates elements, processes and experiences through practices involving uses of the body and mind. 
Transformative Tao  •  4851 E Hampton St  •  Tucson, AZ 85712
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