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Tao Time

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The Fifth Moon Wisdom

Seasonal Command of 5th Moon


 Seasonal Command: Hexagram 30 -Fire or Clinging, This is that area in the rhythmic cycles of Changes when things respond to the urge to leave where they are: to seperate from what they are. Also a counteraction is initiated which tries to maintain their place, and tends to freeze their identity. One has to be aware of being located in order to experience leaving. Departing is an aftereffect of Clinging. In short, things become busy with clinging as they mistake the flames of existence as its light. The flame of fire in leaping from the fuel of its origin seeks to cling to its source. In so doing it consumes its own raison d'etre and loses the center of its brightness.


Sequence: As fire leaps from its fuel, so humans departs from nature. The brightness of light is not in itself, but in its effect as it interacts with other consitions of existance. The Ideal Person's spiritual creativity is not manifested in philosophies, creeds, theological dogmas, or political sysyems, nor in one's wisdom or in one's foolishness: it is manifested in the way an Ideal Person effects and transforms the world.  


1st - 6th Days of the Fifth Moon


 Hexagram 44, Coming to Meet As the wind blows down from heaven and makes itself felt on the earth, so must one's higher nature express itself through one's commands. In this way a person will exercise an influence upon all that is about that is in accord with the great harmony. However, in a time of Coming to Meet, one must guard against motivations that stem out of inferior elements, as one protects oneself from strong and destructive winds.  


Sequence: Breakthrough is the result of resolute action. In new territory of position or ideas one may expect to encounter something. Coming to Meet means encountering.

The mind is always alive, stirring in the wind of learning

    Commentary from the Taoist I Ching on Meeting  The text says 'There is wind under heaven, meeting. Thus do rulers announce their directives in four quarters.'


Meeting is getting together. Above is heaven ,  

below is wind ; there is wind under heaven. Heaven creates myriad beings but cannot stir them; it is with the blowing of the wind that myriad beings stir. Thus heaven gets together with myriad beings through the agency of the wind. This is the image of meeting.


   What rulers see in this is that just as heaven and myriad beings are far apart and cannot easily get together, with the blowing of the wind those who have not gotten together, do meet, in the same way rulers are far apart from their subjects and cannot easily get together, but with the announcement of directives, those who have not met can in fact meet. Therefore they give out directives for the education and guidance of the people, announcing them to the four quarters.


   The four quarters are distant, and the local customs are not the same; how can everyone be taught personally? When rulers give out directives, then everyone follows their direction, and those far and near are affected. This is like the wind under heaven, reaching everywhere, getting into everything. The ruler is heaven, the directive is the wind; where the wind reaches, things stir; where the directive reaches, the people are guided.


   The way sages teach people is also like this. Just as rulers have directives that they announce to the four quarters, sages have classic writings that they use to teach later generations. They leave classic writings in the world for later generations, and students who hear them are stirred, those who read them are inspired. Even a hundred generations later people are roused and come face to face with the sages. The influence of the sages does not extend only to the four quarters of their own time. When rulers and sages love all beings and are in sensitive contact with all beings, they are upholding the practice of heaven.  


  Through the Zen Taoist way of Tao Time, one, at different times, is a ruler giving directives, and at other times the people receiving learning. Every ruler, every sage, is at times as the people; learning. What is taught is relevant to everyone. Being in the Zen Taoist way of Tao Time is always being in Coming to Meet.

Riding the Dragon's Tail

Transformative Tao Seminar begins three days before the fifth new moon Workshop


                                              Enter a 72 day transformative sojourn on the sixth moon of the ancient lunar calendar. Over the next two and a half moon cycles  experience a deepened wisdom of the I Ching and realize a manifesting of your inquiry. This 14 part seminar uses the Twelve Branches process of manifesting a contextual reality, way of being, of acquiring or releasing "among the ten thousand things" through a Zen Shojo transformative vehicle. 


   Applications include planning and expediting a personal, professional or enterprise activity. Use the I Ching to successfully achieve something and become more than you are in the process.


   Your life activities, including intentional, habitual and happenstance; are the means and matters. By faithfully and diligently engaging your Zen Shojo through the Mandala of the I Ching during the upcoming lunar cycles you'll realize your request in it's most appropriate form. Be like water.


   The 12 Branch structure of the I Ching is both the vehicle and a map of a transformative sojourn. During the 72 days of the Transformative Tao process your daily personal life and activity is your landscape.


   Everything is material, those you encounter deliver messages, things are given and taken away, stuff happens. The approach is experiential. One acts from instinct and intuition independent of judgement. Results are measured in matters and means.


Being in the way of the Transformative Tao cultivates seeing what is coming, hearing what is about to be said and knowing what is ready to happen for you. This way is auspicious in providing openings for spiritual alchemy.


Seminar Structure

Three Days before the New Moon

6:00 -8:00pm Introduction to the I Ching Transformative Tao process. Assignment; Compose an Eight Word Inquiry.  


On the New Moon Casting your inquiry of the oracle and beginning your 72 day sojourn.  


Every six days for 2 1/2 Lunar cyclesuntil the third Full Moon Oracle Touchstone at Tao Time I Ching study group. Bring your Zen Shojo in for maintenance. Stay for the Tao Time session. Attend the lectures you want. Online guidance and instruction at every branch.


Global participants outside of Tucson, Arizona, USA interact by Skype. Best contact times are at the end and beginning of a branch.



There are Days to pay attention to for their lunar energy.


Workshop and Seminar Materials


1. Participants receive a customized Twelve Branches workbook of the oracles' response nuclear hexagram. A sample mandala of a twelve branches and a sample branch is presented here.

2. Seminar materials in your email box every six days at each branch. Daily Tao lunar hexagram messages on Tao Time facebook page. Deepened understanding of the I Ching occurs in this seminar.

3. Personal guidance from the Tao Time Master at your request. 

NOTE: Participants provide the I Ching text of their choice for reference. Recommendations at TaoTime 
















First Seminar Series $90, $60 Thereafter

Make your registration.and enter your before beginning time.  Register now to assure your place in this Transformative Tao I Ching Seminar.                                         

  The Twelve Branches of the Transformative Tao is a map of a path to follow and a vehicle to engage for reaching a goal in it's most usable form. The I Ching's capability to both predicate and guide makes this venerable source of wisdom a wise choice of action in our time.


  Methodically stay with it and you will reach the appropriate manifestation of your original inquiry.


   Be like water.

 Wherever You May Be

 in Time and Space

   The Transformative Tao process has no boundaries. No matter where you live; in Tucson, Houston, London or Bangkok.


   Engage the process from wherever you may be. Enroll in the program, engage the process, send the result of your casting to us, receive a pdf of your Transformative Tao 72 day shojo, embark on your own personal sojourn. Come out in a different place then you are now; a new level.


  Distance is not a barrier, nor is your time in life. .

I Ching Study Group Monday


I Ching Mandala Study Group Wednesday

6:00pm - Introduction to Transformative Tao

6:30-8pm Preparing Your Inquiry 


I Ching Study Group 


We explore the I Ching through living the text. The flow is explored as an adventure in navigating fate and destiny. The inquiry to the oracle 'What time is it for me?' identifies the vehicle.


  According to the I Ching at Hexagram 63:2 'Do not chase - you will gain in seven days.


   To "chase" means to follow things. If you follow things, you lose your basic control, so the text warns not to chase. Control yourself without slipping, and in seven days you will gain.


    A hexagram has six lines; the number "seven" therefore means change. To "gain in seven days" means to engage a hexagram as time changes.


    To gain, cast and follow a hexagram, a line a day, for six days. Enter a self- development vehicle; a Zen Shojo, of experiencing the hexagram.


   Being in a line a day of a hexagram - rising up from line one to line six.


  Changes occur in perception and circumstance of means and matters.


  You act discerning the nature of changes and navigate the vehicle.  


     Bring the I Ching hexagram into your life's means and matters; experience being in Tao consciousness.


Every session begins and ends with an informal 'cup of tea' discussion.


The I Ching Mandala

Study Group

The Sanskrit word Mandala has the meanings of a circle, a sphere, a territory or a group. In Buddhism the word is applied to sacred art designed to present compendia of teachings. 


   Mandalas are educational tools that present interrelated ideas to be held in the mind together. In this study group we explore the unfolding of manifestation through applying Mandala's to courses of action.


    Means and matters of engaging I Ching Mandala's are presented at each session.


  3 Currents

 Transformative Tao

 Seminars & Workbooks

Tao Time Book of Days Is a daily process of engaging the I Ching. Both a transformative journal and planner, the book and personal guidance spans a lunar year of I Ching hexagrams and personal, insightful guidance. $400.00 Start anytime. Contact to begin this transformative process.


Transformative Tao 12 Branches I Ching Seminar begins every New Moon      Spans  2 1/2 lunar cycles from June 19 - August 31st, 2012 $90.00 Returning sojourners $60.00


Tao Time Casting & Lecture   $5.00/session $45 ten part seminar 


Book of Tao Time Hexagrams Consult and follow the hexagrams any time. Reproducible pages $10


Contact to place your order.


Everyday a Daily Tao line based on the Lunar order of the hexagrams on Facebook at Tao Time and Dale Bruder.

 Continious Seminar & Study Group

contact: 520-331-1956 or


Monday & Wednesday 6:30-8:00 pm


$5 per meeting


$45 ten session seminar

Three Currents Castings & Readings $45


text 331-1956 to schedule

The Tao Time Master

The one called the Tao Time Master is also called Dale Bruder. This one is among the cultural innovators who have devised implements and techniques to use the I Ching in describing and predicating elements, processes and experiences in practices involving special uses of the body and mind.