Enterprise Focus

Assessing Strategic Integrity

This simple diagnostic tool can help you determine whether your strategy is consistent with creating a sustainable organization. First, assess your capability in each of the four quadrants by answering the questions in each box.Then rate your enterprise on the following scale for each quadrant: 1- nonexistent; 2- emerging; 3- established; 4- institutional

Organizational Development ___
Developing Capacity and Competency
Is the communication between varying levels of the company (Board, Executives, Management, etc) aligned, clear, and vital?
Do we have a method of assessing our progress?
Business Strategy ____
Organizational Fulfillment
Do we have the value community (customers, prospects, stakeholders, committed expertise) involved in creation of a Business Strategy?
Does our strategy guide us in creating value for the entire value community?
Does our strategy guide the identification and incorporation of new markets, products, and processes
Do we know when to say no?
Current Operations ___
Crisis Prevention vs Crisis Management
Are we addressing the most significant unmanaged disruptions that draw energy from current operations?
Are we creating systems to lower costs and risks by eliminating wasted energy at the source?
Are we reliable for standard promises?
Is our strategy visible now?
External Relationships ____
Customers, Investors, Vendors and Crucial Allies
Is our success beneficial to our external relationships?
Have we established our organizational character sufficiently to solve external problems with unified strategy?
Is our relationship with crucial externals strong enough to grow in up markets and sustain in down markets?

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Are there structures and operating funds in place to attract, develop, and retain the people needed to fulfill this strategy.
Dale Bruder's Strategic Planning Series Enterprise Focus Exercise- Identify which of the six enterprise phases you are in. Is this phase appropriate for your enterprise at this time?