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My choice of action is to design an action assignment program specific to the need of the enterprise and funnel it to the problem executive manager through the majority ownership holder.

My role is as a facilitator, not a player. Again, my experience has shown me that being present in the environment is a distraction, or worse, used as a tool by the problem manager to disrupt, stall and sabatoge the process. Always, always, the problem is a person with a vested interest who cannot be easily extracated from the enterprise and who is clever and cunning at maintaining their entrenched behavior.

Much like the monkey mind in Buddhism, the problem executive manager can be contained by directing their attention outside the day to day operations so that normality can be gained.

Typically the problem executive's management style has taken the eye off of business of the business. Their new behavior becomes interfering in the business by micro-management. The great management guru Adizes calls this the Sea Gull Syndrome, flying over head shitting on what's down below then perching to bemoan the chaos.

Revenue downturns are the bellwethers of the Sea Gull. Competitors absorb market share causing a spiral of revenue downturns and loss of market position. By time the principal notices the drop it's momentum has accelerated. When confronted reticience and rationales block addressing the root cause. Clever monkey.

Bring me in, keep me in the background. Let me help you shift the direction to a turnaround by taking control of the company destiny.

Things are going to be abnormal for awhile, then a new light begins to shine.

Only then can attention be turned to applying the triad of Enterprise Success.

Seven Skills


Action Management


The ideal person is like water.

Water is good; it benefits all things and does not compete with them.
It dwells in low places that all disdain
This is why it is so near to Tao.

The ideal person in your dwelling loves the earth.

In your heart, you love what is profound, in your associations, you love humanity, in your words, you love faithfulness. In government, you love order, in handling of affairs, you love competence. In your activities, you love timeliness.

It is because you do not compete that you are above reproach.

Six Directions
Strategic and Tactical Planning
Coaching & Advising Engagements in Action Management Disciplines

Creating Knowledge Generating Engines to Propel Your Enterprise.

Know what's coming.

Act Masterfully in Time


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My decades of professional coaching has shown me again and again that talking does not lead to action. Action leads to action.

The maxim that where a person does not learn from their performance experience they must be told what to do has informed my coaching attention.

Triad of Enterprise Success from Dale Bruder